Abilities I have gathered thus far,through self-learning

  • HTML/ HTML5 - 95%

    Very Skilled in this aspect of web developments and I am able to build from html complex structures for the internet.

  • CSS3/less/SASS/Compass/Bourbon/Foundation/Bootstrap - 90%

    I would call myself a "Rock-Star" with using CSS3 to produce stunning web 10.0 effects.

  • PHP/ MySQL Programming / Wordpress/ Laravel - 75%

    I encountered XML and JAVA first in my early dreamy programmer-wannabe days. However my very first programming language that I pretty well understood and was able to build an application from, was PHP, and I haven't looked down on the language since.

  • Javascript / Angularjs/ Reactjs - 50%

    Albeit , very simple on the face I have found that, I never had the need to stop learning JavaScript or "perfect alternative", everytime I find something new to re-learn about JavaScript. It's not only that I find it so difficult to get but that, there are a wide variety of alternatives to Javascript solutions to vanilla Javascript, that makes, some developers with "Javascript Phobias" turn away from the barebones language only to realize that they always need Javascript so long as it is "the Web" they are designing for. When you have fully transitioned to Javascript I believe most developers would confess it could be such a fulfiling programming language.


"Humphrey was helping us in different front-end projects using Bootstrap and Wordpress.He was always looking for the high quality of the interface and code."

Alex Padurau,Managing Partner at Creative Code SRL, Bucharest @axelut

" As the web developer for one of Paypal's clients, Humphrey worked with me, the Paypal Solutions Engineer on the project, to understand all of Paypal's APIs and how they work. He understood how to implement the Paypal's APIs for the website he was working on and was able to cater for"

Shekhar Parkhi, Paypal Solutions Engineer at Paypal, California @sheks_paar

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