Abilities I have gathered thus far,through self-learning

  • HTML/ HTML5 - 95%

    Very Skilled in this aspect of all things web developments and am able to build from html complex structure for web designing.
  • CSS3/less/SASS/Compass/Bourbon/Foundation/Bootstrap - 90%

    I would call myself a rockstar in using a CSS3 to produce stunning web 10.0 effects.
  • PHP/ MySQL Programming / Wordpress/ Laravel - 75%

    My first encounter with programing was with , XML and JAVA , However my very first programming language . I pretty well understood and was able to apply anything i learnt on , was PHP, and i havent looked down on the language since.
  • Javascript / Angularjs/ Reactjs - 50%

    Albeit , very simple on the face I have found that , never stopped learning JavaScript , each time i found something new yet to relearn about JavaScript. Not that i find it so difficult to get but that , there are a wide variety of alternatives to Javascript solutions , that makes , developers with "Javascript Phobias" turn to meander away from the language, yet its such a fulfiling programming language I have come to love.