Humphrey Pietersen

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Humphrey Pietersen, is a largely, self-taught, Remote, Software Engineer, UX Researcher, from Accra, Ghana.

Originally named after Humphrey Petterssen, sometimes also known as Humphrey Petersson Asare or Humphrey Pietersen Nana Okoh.

Presently lives in Accra, and enjoys making new friends, working, and networking.

He understands and enjoys some Math, yet also gets debilitating anxieties when confronted with solving for complex winning Math problems. And this is what drew him more closer to computers and programming.

He enjoys thinking outside of the box. This way as well, likes to fix, or modify things. By and large, he was drawn to design and technology for this reason and more.

Succinctly, he loves solving problems, through expressing unique ideas, thoughts and solutions, in either writing or drawing.

And explores, new ways of getting anything done.

He is Founder, of Tiviety, Inc. and also accepting Freelance SaaS Software Project Consultation Gigs.